Germans have a new leader…finally & there is nothing to cheer about.

After nearly a month of suspense, Germans have finally found out who their new leader will be. Supposedly, the parties have reached a power sharing agreement.This could have been a huge deal not just for Germany but for the entire Central Europe and EU; but now? The two parties agreed to a power sharing deal which instead of bringing the best out of both sides, will, in all likelihood bring the worst out. Whenever I hear that two rivals agree to share power, I am struck by a sense of surrealism.From my own personal experience, I can say without hesitation that power sharing is a contradiction in terms. Power, especially at the top, hates to be shared. There has to be a tie-breaker, a first among equals. You can do this through a rule or by integrating it into a person, but it needs to be in place for getting things done. In Germany, with the outgoing party controlling 8 seats in the cabinet and the incoming leader controlling 6, I seriously doubt if such a contingency will be put in place. While negotiating this lose-lose deal I suspect so many positions have been watered down that Frau Merkel’s  leadership will be one of consensus rather than command. Consensus usually means a reversion to the mean and THAT is not good.


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