John Zorn

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I’ve been thinking of talking about some of my interests over here for sometime. Until recently, I was more or less closed when it came to hip-hop/rap. I never could “get” the artists or the sounds. Then I heard K’naan-Take  A Minute while running and my jaw dropped. Thats when I had a revelation”

I like music.

K’naan’s lesson reminded me of one other artist who taught me a similar lesson: John Zorn. As a tribute to this wonderful avantgarde composer, I am sharing a beautiful track here called Hwang Chin-Ee from the album New Traditions in East Asian Bar Bands.

This number is a percussion duet between Sam Bennett and Joey Baron. Composed by John Zorn, the staccatto percussion is contrasted by a woman’s voice that is at times ethereal and at times cronish. Gentle, shimmering and pulsating, the three “voices” set up amazing feedback loops that jump between music and noise playfully and organically.



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